Dr. Breatheasy Blog 10/2013

Greetings. Welcome to the Breatheasy Blog. This blog is intended to pass along information dealing with spirometers, spirometry testing and the equipment and disposables involved with spirometry testing. As new clinical studies are published about spirometry, we will let you know of their availability and the links to access the information.  It will be our attempt to keep you abreast of new developments in the assessment and treatment of obstructive lung disease.

 At Queset we are often asked why our spirometers perform a testing function in a certain way or why test results are reported out in a certain format. Of course, there are myriad questions about products asked on a weekly basis and we attempt to get them all addressed as quickly as possible. In the area of spirometers and spirometry, many answers are usually found on the American Thoracic Society (ATS) website and is usually in one of the many papers submitted by the ATS and European Respiratory Society (ERS) involving recommendations about lung testing and equipment guidelines. I recommend you download two of these papers - here and here - and keep them on your hard drive for easy reference. To the manufacturer, these guidelines give the blueprints for designing spirometers. Virtually all spirometers marketed in the United States are manufactured religiously following these guidelines. If your new spirometer doesn’t behave like the one it’s replacing, odds are it’s because the ATS guidelines have changed.