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Astra BT Spirometer

Astra BT Spirometer

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Astra BT Spirometer

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Quick Overview

Comprehensive Wireless Spirometry

Astra BTâ„¢ Spirometer is the solution for those searching for a fully-integrated AND wireless spirometer.

The Astra BT Spirometer was designed to be easy to use while providing accurate and precise testing data. The simplicity of operation and wealth of options expand the scope of spirometry testing like never before. Use our AstraPro software to review and enter data, make a diagnosis, print a report or download to your EMR system quickly and with minimal effort.

Astra BT™ Features

Astra BT Couples Wireless Simplicity With Comprehensive Spirometry.

  • Test patients in your office or lab, with a wide array of testing configurations
  • Observe test results in real time
  • Perform interactive real-time testing on your PC
  • Save results or print hard copies of selected data

AstraPro software expands Astra BT versatility

Sophisticated communication links allow patient test data transfer from the spirometer to the PC archive or output to EHR/EMR. Choose either Pre- and Post-bronchodilator and bronchial challenge testing or use the incentive program with your pediatric patients or adults. Astra BT communicates with your PC wirelessly via Bluetooth.


Astra BT™ Features

  • Simultaneous F/V and V/T graphs
  • Powered by two AAA batteries
  • Ergonomic handle includes:
    • Visual connectivity indicator
    • Integrated temperature sensor
    • Lanyard
  • AccuFlo digital turbine
  • Flow-trigger, patient-initiated testing
  • Measures over 40 parameters of FVC, VC, MVV
  • Bluetooth PC Communication
  • Choice of 16 predicted sets
  • AstraPro software
  • Meets NIOSH standards
  • Test quality assurance prompts
  • Four selectable interpretations
  • Automated maneuver acceptability
  • No proprietary disposables


Forced Parameters Measured 
Forced Vital Capacity:
FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC, PEF, FEF50%, FEV6, FEV1/FEC, PEF, FEF25-75%, FEV6, FEV1/ FEV0.5, PEFT, Vext, FIVC, FIF50%, FEF50/FIF50, QC Grades, FEV3, FEV0.5, FEV0.5/FVC, FEV3/FVC, FEV1/VC, FEV1/FEV6, FEV1/PEF, FEV1/FIV1, PEF/PIF, FEV25%, FEF25%, FEF75%, FEF75-85%, FET25-75%, FET100, FIV1, FIV1/FVC, PIF, MTT, MVV Indirect, Lung age
MVV, Br./min
FVC, FEV1, PEF, FEF25-75%, PDx
Relaxed Parameters Measured
VC, TV, ERV, IRV, IC, Ti, Te, Tt, Ti/Tt
Maneuvers per patient:
8 total; best test and last test highlighted
Selectable -- Kory, Miller, ATS, NLHEP (Ferguson)
Predicted sets:
Selectable -- 20 Total
Ethnic correction:
Selectable -- % Actual, Caucasian, Hispanic, African-American
Selectable -- English, Spanish or French
Measurement Scale (BTPS)
Flow range:
0-16 L/sec
0-10 L
Measurement method:
Infrared Interruption via Digital Turbine
Dynamic flow resistance:
<1.5 cm H20/L/sec @14 L/sec
Measurement Precision (BTPS)
At highest volume:
+/- 3% or 50 mL 
At highest flow:
+/- 5% or 150 mL
Time related precision:
Volume resolution:
<6 mL 
Sampling frequency:
100 Hz
Calibration syringe
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